Top 5 Recommended Wedding Photographers in Lagos Nigeria – 2020 Reviews

top wedding photographers in lagos nigeria

Looking for Top Wedding Photographers in Lagos, Nigeria who can cover your White Weddings, Pre Weddings, Traditional Weddings, Beautiful Photobooks, Photo frames, Cinematic Videos, then this list gives you all the important names you need to know when it comes to Wedding Photography in Lagos Nigeria.

Top 5 Recommended Photographers in Lagos Nigeria – 2020 Reviews

Lagos, Nigeria. Our Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Lagos(and more). To see which photographers are actually available on your wedding date, make 

It’s no longer a wedding celebration until it’s been whetted by Instagram, complete with hashtags, filters, Insta-stories, bookmarks, and screenshots. Welcome to new-age weddings, where festivities must be showcased on social media. Choosing a wedding vendor based on their Instagram following and pictures is a well-known strategy, one that helps figure out the style, inherent ethos of the brand, and ultimately, the quality of work. So we combed the ‘gram, and found five wedding photographers who are guaranteed to make your nuptials look dreamy.

Tonydoo Visuals – Google’s No. 1 Wedding Photographer in Lagos Nigeria

The internet is full of praise for Tonydoo Visuals Photography. A United States Wedding Website (Wedding Republic) listed Tonydoo Visuals as one of the Top 5 Recommended Wedding Photographers in Nigeria who have distinguished themselves with classical wedding works and top notch quality through elegant photobooks, cinematic videos and durable frames.

When you search on Google for “best Wedding Photographer in Lagos Nigeria”, they show up as No. 1. They can be reached via email or by phone: 0806-865-7557

Antonio Forbes Wedding Photographer

Every Bride’s Best Friend! Antonio Forbes Luxury Weddings is one of the most fashionable luxury wedding media team in Nigeria, set at the crossroads of luxury, style and class. You are guaranteed the best deals when you hire us. We will travel to wherever you are!

Jidekola – WPPI Photographer

Wedding photojournalist
Toronto 🇨🇦 | Lagos 🇳🇬
– Fearless Winner
– Admired in Africa Gold
WPPI | TheNOWCollectives

Eloquent Media

Eloquent is made up of professional wedding photographers in Nigeria. So if you are looking for the best photographers in Nigeria to cover your traditional marriage and white wedding, look no further as Eloquent Visuals has all the expertise for the event.

Kelechi Amadiobi – Veteran Commercial Photographer

Kelechi Amadi-Obi, after obtaining a law degree and his call to bar in 1993, settled to full-time studio art. He has earned international renown for both his photography and paintings. His unique style and mastery of aesthetics and creative lighting in his paintings have been reinvented in his photography to create understanding, dynamic and result oriented photography for his clients.

Balogun Abiola Photography

Hi. I’m a photographer that loves to capture timeless moments in the most beautiful way possible. Also, I’m a passionate and driven individual with an eye for creativity. Capturing some of the most important moments in someone’s life and visiting new places are privileges I cherish. »

Olumide Onafuwa

«I’m creative, loves art, and tries everything possible to make art in every photograph. »

Temi Iyiola

Hi Guys, Love is best told by someone who is constantly surrounded by love. My wife and I have experienced love from being such great friends and we can’t wait to share your love story in lovely, heartwarming and sharp images. We can’t wait to tel your story. »

What services are provided by wedding photographers?

Wedding photographers provide a number of services that can be availed by their clients.You can pick and choose the service you wish to avail for your wedding.

  • Traditional Photography This essentially means clicking of pictures of the bride and groom standing on the stage with their family members and all other wedding guests. Though traditional photography is not very popular these days, but is usually incorporated in combination with other wedding photography services at Nigerian weddings.
  • Candid Photography Just the exact opposite of traditional photography, candid photography means clicking pictures without the person in the frame being aware of it.
  • Videography Some wedding photographers team also provide videography services to their clients. Having your wedding photographer and videographer from the same team reduces the hassle of coordination with one extra vendor.
  • Drone Photography As the name suggests, wedding pictures clicked using a drone camera to get those beautiful aerial shots.
  • Albums Though in this era people are in favour of digital record of their wedding pictures, Wedding albums are timeless.Nothing like looking back at those beautiful moments and reliving them.

Why is hiring a professional wedding photographer so important?

As per the popular saying, what can be captured through a camera can’t be seen through naked eyes is something which tells us that Nigerian wedding photographers are true magicians in capturing the littlest detail and presenting it in a unique manner. As wedding happens once in a lifetime, it becomes important to preserve the precious moments and memories. Be it a candid photography or a pre-wedding photo-shoot, we have top wedding photographers for capturing your nuptial ceremonies and wedding day.

How to find your dream wedding photographer and that too within your budget?

Be it those smiles while you dancing away with your Mr. right or those tears when going away from your loved ones, photography is something that captures all the emotions and feelings so beautifully. We know that it is very hectic and though to choose your dream-wedding photographer when there are so many talented artists out there in the competition. We have a plethora of photographers to surprise you and make your wedding celebrations much more fun and smoother. If you are looking for a candid photographer or a traditional photo-shoot, WPM brings you a small checklist as how to find your Nigerian wedding photographer without burning a hole in your pocket:

  • Step 1: Search for Best Wedding Photographers in Lagos Nigeria on Google Chrome
  • Step 2: Choose the best 3 or list out the top names you find. Select the category, filter out your choices on your city, locality, budget
  • Step 3: You can also browse our Inspirational gallery
  • Step 4: Short-list at least 5-6 popular photographers based on whose portfolio you like and the budget that fits you well
  • Step 5: Communicate: Call or Chat the photographers directly so that you can understand their work better and the packages they offer for wedding photography.
  • Step 6: Tell your requirements: Ensure to communicate what exactly you are looking for such as candid photography, pre-bridal photo-shoot, post- bridal photography, etc.
  • Step 7: Now, comes the price! Budget and money goes side-by-side, right? After asking various questions and doubts ensure to ask what is the best price they will offer for your wedding photography and bargain the package if at all possible.
  • Step 8: After, fixing on the price do reassure again that what all will be included in the photography package.
  • Step 9: Ask your wedding photographer to send you an official mail or document wherein the wedding photography package is mentioned will the entire payment breakdown and other details.

Frequently asked questions

How is WPM helpful in finding top rated wedding photographers?

The search for wedding photographers has become very easy with WPM. All you need to do is visit the WPM website. There are a number of candid photographers listed on our platform from all across the country. You can easily apply various filters such as the city and the locality in which you are looking for a wedding photography service, the number of days your require their services, their average ratings, the services you wish to avail and your budget. As you apply the various filters, you will find a list of best wedding photographer for you. Shortlist some of them, read about them and make a decision to get the best wedding photographer on board.

How to find a wedding photographer near me?

Have you ever wondered which is the best and the most popular wedding photographer near me? Well you can easily find a candid wedding photography professionals in your locality using WMG. Just visit the website or download the WMG App, go to the vendor dashboard for wedding photographers, select your city and the locality and you can easily find the list and all the necessary information of all the photographer in that locality.

Should one book a common wedding photographer for both sides?

Usually the bride and the groom hire a separate wedding photography service for them to capture the wedding ceremony, but having a common photographer also does the job. All you need to tell them about your close friends and family and they will do their job.

Do you need a wedding photographer for every event?

Well the answer is Yes! You do need a photographer to capture moments for each and every ceremony, be it a large scale ceremony or a small and intimate home ceremony. You will always look back at those pictures and will relive those precious moments.

Yay! Congratulations brides! You will now have your dream professional wedding photography and that too in your budget. Be it a destination wedding or a pre-wedding shoot you can find a plethora of photographers only at WPM!

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